Community Management

"I am so pleased that you have been appointed as our manager. Your interest representing the owner has shown a high quality of service, compared to the previous one. I would definitely recommend your service to anyone."

T Chin : Boulevard Stage 3

“Having a manager who supports us in improving our street and can be contacted has been a change for the better."

J Wynands : The Metro No. 2


We provide Management Services for Strata, Community Titled Groups and Torrens Titled Groups with an active street encumbrance.


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We have over eight years’ experience in community management.

Financial Management
We would expect to reduce the expenses your currently incur by 5-10% and management by 10-20%.
We charge a flat management fee and if a split year we fix our fee for the first part year and first full year.
We do not charge a mark ups on third party services or extra for disbursements, meetings, photocopies or postage etc.

We provide personal service and target respond time to phone calls/sms within two hours, emails within 24 hours.
We prefer to hold meeting on site or close too, so more owner occupiers attend.
If you are not happy with us we would release you from your management agreement as we are confident of our service.

Other Services Include
Additional Services or Meetings provided on fee for service basis.
Prepare section 41 Statements (if requested by Selling Agent charged to the broker).
Chasing outstanding debts (Charged to outstanding owner).


Our total management fees will be 10-20% lower than your current professional manager*.

- Our lower overheads mean we can charge less than our competitors.

- No additional charges for emails, faxes, phone calls, correspondence, postage, photocopying.

- Individual Accounts are used to ensure the highest standards of accountability.

We can reduce your management costs, while providing a higher level of service.

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